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BIO // Ludovic Cabaud

Ludovic Cabaud

Ludovic Cabaud – Architect DPLG – Amateur photographer and painter.

Ludovic Cabaud plunged into the world of artistic creation at a very young age thanks to his uncle and prodigy artist, the singer-songwriter-poet and painter Gianni Esposito.

Ludovic Cabaud attended the Paris School of Fine Arts, on the recommendation of his father, and embraced a career as an architect which he pursued with passion until forced retirement due to health reasons.

Creative at heart, his second passion has always been photography. Even today, Ludovic Cabaud retains the same fascination of the early days for his two creative muses, to which is added painting.

The “New York 1970” series presented by Art2Paris was produced on the occasion of an initiatory journey to the (dis)measure of the city “that never sleeps”. Gigantism, striking contrasts, testimony to another era, this series immerses the viewer in a fascinating urban universe, both authentic and historical.

Photographe & Peintre




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