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BIO // Yannis Dantcikian

 Yannis Dantcikian

My name is Yannis Dantcikian, I grew up in Draguignan then, after 18 years spent in Paris, I moved to Marseille, the city of my heart since 2014.

I am an explorer of visual expression in all its forms. My art is a reflection of my curiosity, my desire to push the limits of creativity and to share a unique vision of the world around me.

This is why I happily mix in improbable scenes the themes that are dear to me such as cinema, nature, design, graphics, vintage automobiles and architecture.

My artistic journey is a web woven from various influences, but it is in photomontage and collage that I have particularly flourished.

These two formats allow disparate elements to be merged into a new visual reality and offer boundless freedom of expression, exploring the intersections between imagination and reality, past and present, concrete and abstract.

Museums, exhibitions, contemporary cinema or that of the 70s/80s, journals, vintage magazines are an infinite source of inspiration for my own creations.

At the same time, Marseille brings me the colors, ideas, vitality, diversity and surprises that are essential to me in my work and my daily life.

When looking at my images, I want the viewer to feel an emotion, smile or frown, say a word (or two), criticize or roll their eyes... It doesn't matter, as long as they look at them!



Marseille Expo 2023


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