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France's many zoos are the perfect place to meet a wide range of animal species, most of them wild or exotic.

La Tanière has developed a completely different concept.
It's not a profit-making venture, nor does it add to an animal collection plan, nor does it reproduce or seek out the most beautiful specimen of a species to enhance the value of the refuge.

The shelter doesn't take in an animal "because it's interesting", but because there's no other way for it to survive.

Refuge d'un petit singe a la taniere zoo

Whether it's a squirrel, a feline or a pet, everything is done to provide care, protection, well-being and dignity.

Here, all the animals have a history and an often chaotic past: mistreated, illegally kept, trafficked, retired from circuses or laboratories,
they are taken in to live a peaceful existence. All of them, with the exception of animals registered in the species conservation program (EEP),
are rescued animals. It was this realization, the urgency of the situation, and the meeting of individuals whose common denominator was a boundless love for an animal world in distress, that gave birth to La Tanière.

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