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More than a photographer, Andres Serrano can be considered an “artist with a camera” as he defines himself. Through his carefully staged photographs, he reveals an often disturbing reality of America. Religion, death, sex, politics, poverty or violence permeate the work of the American artist. So many facets of an America that is both monumental in its triumphalism and fragile in its contradictions.

A master of portraiture, Serrano magnifies the contemporary individual by relying on classical culture, particularly ancient painting, placed at the service of a sacredness now mixed with pop culture. The photographer's gaze has the effectiveness of a revolver trained on a schizophrenic society of which Donald Trump has become both the symptom and the emblem and which will occupy an obsessive place in the subject of the exhibition at the Maillol Museum.

Provocative for some, objective witness of the world for others, Andres Serrano willingly emphasizes the taboos that a puritanical America wants to hide. Some of his photos, likely to shock and sometimes vandalized during previous exhibitions, will therefore be presented in a dedicated space. In total, the visitor will discover 89 works emblematic of the different themes addressed by the artist.

Andres Serrano - portraits de l'amérique

Comprendre l’Amérique d’aujourd’hui ?

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